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Hod Hasharon, Israel -- Cropaia is an agricultural consulting company, dedicated to agricultural training – online and on-site. The company is comprised of leading experts and lead by Guy Sela, an internationally renowned agronomist and an ag entrepreneur, with vast international experience.

  Pytech Techonologies
Israel --
A pioneer and a leader in Phytomonitoring™; the practice of remote sensing and monitoring of plants. Our advanced solutions use state-of-the-art sensors, wireless communication, and innovative software for collecting and analyzing data.  Our systems improve crop production and reduce cultivation costs by providing timely and accurate information regarding the physiological status of the plants and identifying stress conditions before they impact the plant or the fruit.


Azrom Greenhouses
AZROM is Israel's leader in the design, engineering and production of greenhouses for all crop requirements and climatic conditions, with satisfied customers in Israel and in more than 40 countries worldwide. AZROM specializes in Turn-key Projects including feasibility studies, choice of structure, area location, and supply and installation of infrastructure and greenhouse equipment.  AZROM is the major supplier of greenhouses in Israel, with worldwide annual sales of more than 300 hectares of greenhouses. Farmers and growers throughout the world know that AZROM Greenhouses, backed by our extensive support and service, provide the optimal conditions for increased quality yields and profitability.

  •   PhieldTeK - Dedicated soil nutrient mapping service
    Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, United Kingdom -- PHIELD TEK is a dedicated soil nutrient mapping service using GPS technology for precision soil sampling...

  •   Dynagra - Precision Agriculture Products and Service
    Beiseker, AB, Canada -- DynAgra provides Canada growers with agronomy services, precision agriculture, variable rate technology (VRT, GPS), soil testing, farm financing, and retail agri products including fertilizer, herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, and insecticides.

  •   Smart! Fertilizer Management Software
    Hod Hasharon, Israel -- Smart! is an advanced software for fertilization management. Smart! generates professional fertilizer recipes for maximal yields while eliminating common mistakes and reducing costs. Smart! is an essential tool for any grower, agronomist, and consultant. The fertilizer programs and recipes are based on lab test results, growing recommendations and field data.

  •   Measure Instruments
    Buenos Aires, Argentina -- Manufacturer of moisture meter for grains, cereals, hay, feed, soil. Thermometer beacon for frost risk. Monitor of moisture in continuous process. Temperature of silos.

  •   Farmworks Software
    Cordoba, Argentina -- Precision Farming Software and Hardware, Precision Agriculture. Integrated IT solutions for Agribusiness. Yield Maps, Soil Maps management. Variable Rate Applications. Crop Scouting. Guidance Systems for Precision Farming.

  •   Led Grow Lights
    Tustin, CA, USA -- We've invested a lot of time and money developing the most advanced LED growing light on the market for a very affordable price. Using LEDs, many of the problems that have plauged indoor growers for years simply disappear. We feel the time has come for LED lights to take their place as the de-facto standard in indoor growing.

  •   The Soil Company
    Groningen, The Netherlands -- The Soil Company is supplier of spatial soil information. We use modern methods and unique (patented) technology to map soil composition very accurately and with a high resolution. The Soil Company offers a full service and product line for spatial analysis and cultivation of soil: precision farming.

  • AgroMind
    AgroMind’s FarmSys program is a revolutionary concept, aimed at meeting the changing needs of today’s discerning consumer. The system features automatic data collection from a variety of sensors, cameras and other input devices, following the growing process, from seeding and planting, through to the packaging plant, ensuring precise documentation as well as guidance and support during production.