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  APB Pole Barns
Cincinnati, OH, USA -- offer pole barn kits and turnkey installed building nationwide including a full range of doors ,cupola suitable for virtually any agricultural purpose.

 Technology for Agriculture LLC
Rhinelander, WI, USA -- Tech for Ag offers new and used milking equipment. New All-Stainless HERITAGE milking parlors and reconditioned Germania parlors. Quality dairy equipment from one of the top experts in the industry...

  •   Cimarron Valley Ranch - Small Breed Livestock
    Cleveland, Ok, USA -- We have small breed livestock on 24 acres of natural prarie, Dexter Cattle, Miniature Zebu, and Nigerian Dwarf Goats...

  •   Rominick Livestock Services - Equine and Bovine Hoof Care
    Alder Flats, AB, Canada -- Supplies and equipment for bovine and equine hoof care. Trimmings tools...

  •   Stoney Acres Sheep Dairy
    Competition, MO, USA -- We are a family farm milking sheep and making Cheese and other value added products from the milk. We are the only Sheep dairy offering FREE farm visits and a chance to...

  •   Grasshill Farm Ltd.
    Bobcaygeon, Ontario, Canada -- Lloyd Wicks of Grasshill Farm Ltd is a 2x Master Breeder of Canadian Holstein Cattle. He has bred a number of Canadian Champion Producers and Show Winning cattle. He also has an elite herd of Saanen goats. He has recently started a blog with his ideas and opinions on improving the dairy industry for future generations. Quality breeding stock, bulls, and embryos are always available.

  •   Chinook Meadows Farm
    Central Point , Oregon, USA -- Purebred Nubian dairy goats bred for conformation and milk production. CAE & CL-free herd. Registered, bottlefed goat kids for sale. Breeding stock and pet wethers

  •   Destiny Acres Ranch Cattle Tracker Pro
    Jacksonville, TX, USA -- Cattle Tracker Pro & Ranch Management Program available on CD Disk or by Digital Download - Featuring Record Keeping for all your Animals of any kind. Easily customizes to any animal. Includes: General Animal Information, Gen. Health Info., Leg Care, Hoof Care, Vaccinations, Worming, Other Health Info., Expense Records, Inventory, Tasks & Events, Breeding Records, Livestock Processing, Supplies & Services Invoicing. Free Email Tech Support.

  •   Cattle Feed Compounding
    Dundalk, Louth, Ireland -- Wakely engineering is a family run buisness, established 1980. we manufacture a range of grain crushing mills & crimping mills for the compound industry and wider farming industry . We take great pride in the high quality of our products and satisfied customers.

  •   Giltspur Scientific Ltd
    Antrim, County Antrim, Northern Ireland -- Giltspur Scientific Ltd is a leading animal health care company that was formed in 1992 in Ballyclare in Northern Ireland. It has achieved global success with the cowslip and horseslip - orthopaedic shoes for large animals that help in the treatment of lameness.

  •   Delk Livestock
    Lynn, IN, USA -- We Raise Chimain, Chiangus, Chiania Show Cattle also raise Holstein bottle calves, feeder calves, holstein heifer program. Foundation Quarter Horses, and Trucking Available

  •   Canadian Beef Breeds Council
    Calgary, AB, Canada -- The CBBC is a non-profit association that represents the Canadian purebred cattle industry. Its members include national breed associations that in turn represent more that 10,000 producers of breeding stock, as well as exporters/service providers.

  •   Agrilight - Lighting for Agricultural Buildings
    Monster, The Netherlands -- Agrilight is a manufacturer of efficient lighting systems for poultry, cattle, dairy and all other agricultural buildings with offices in Ontario, Canada and The Netherlands

  •   4 Drench - Sheep, Cattle and Deer Drench On-Line
    Dunedin, New Zealand -- Rural supplier of quality drench and merchandise products for the farm. All drench products come from world leaders and are renowned for quality and economy.

  •   DairyBiz -- The Dairy Industry's Website
    Turlock, CA, USA -- Archive of dairy industry articles regarding animal health and dairy farm management.

  • BSM Agri Ltd - Livestock Housing and Ventilation Systems
    BSM Agri Ltd. manufactures and distribuates livestock housing and ventilation systems for the hog, dairy, poultry and other livestock industries.

  • Chore-Time
    Chore-Time is a leading manufacturer and marketer in the poultry, swine, and egg production industries, offering interrelated equipment for feeding, watering, nests, ventilation and controls. Founded in 1952, the company has worldwide distribution from its headquarters and multiple plants in the United States. In addition to the U.S. locations, the company also has facilities in Europe and Latin America.

  • Grasshill Farm Ltd.- purebred Holstein cattle & Saanen goats
    Grasshill Farm Ltd., Lloyd Wicks, Ontario, Canada breeds purebred Holstein cattle & Saanen goats emphasizing high production and type. Cows, bulls, embryos, does & bucks for sale and export. 2X Master Breeder. For 2003 breeding/sale list, see our website.

  • North-American-Lubricants----Amsoil
    FREE Amsoil Synthetic Lubricants Catalog. Amsoil covers the lubrication needs of farming, small engines, cars, trucks, diesel trucks, racing, marine, commercial and industrial applications. Amsoil also offers other, farming, gardening, nursery, health products and more for your needs.

  • #1 Probiotic - FASTRACK
    Belleville, IL, USA -- Reduce digestive disorders, lower feed costs and promote better overall health with Fastrack probiotics. The unique combinations of lactic acid-producing bacteria, specialized proteins and vitamins in Fastrack helps to ensure a healthy digestive tract. Moore Agri-Sales offers quality Fastrack probiotics, Inhibodor barn ammonia control and other top-notch farm/ranch products.

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