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  •   Wholesale Nursery Company
    Altamont, Tn, USA -- Wholesale Nursery Company was founded in 1932. Since we have grown to over 3400 production acres. Offering USDA certified plants, trees, wild plants, wetland natives, shrubs and perennials. Shipping to all states and 13 foreign countries

  •   AGRATOR - a Leading Spanish Manufacturers of Agricultural Machinery
    Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain -- Since 1960 AGRATOR is the Spanish leading manufacturer of heavy duty tractor implements such as rotary tillers, shredders, flail mowers, power harrows, potato ridgers and stone buriers from 85 cm. to 6 m. working width. Our equipment is strong, long lasting and reliable and fits tractor powers ranging from 20 to 300 HP. They have a 2-year guarantee and we are able to service parts to our dealers within the week.


  •   Songbird Garden
    Cape Fair, MO, USA -- Offering a wide selection of quality wild bird feeders, bird houses, bird baths, wild bird food, binoculars, wildlife items, garden décor and gifts for the backyard birding enthusiast and outdoor nature lover. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.


  •   Redwood Garden Bridges
    Colvis, CA, USA --
    Custom built for your pond, Creek, or Yard. Top Quality and workmanship. All sizes built just for your needs. Custom Sizes available from 4 feet to 40 feet.


TN Nursery
Altamont, Tennessee, United States -- Featuring native plants, perennials, ferns, trees and shrubs. USDA certfied to ship to all states and 13 foreign countries.

  Garden Delights Nursery
Altamont, TN, USA -- Garden Delights Nursery offers exceptional prices for USDA certified nursery plants, trees, shrubs, perennials and fern plants. Ships to all states and 13 foreign countries.

  Pilotvials Glass and Plastic Packaging
Sedona, AZ, USA -- We are suppliers of glass and plastic packaging products. Glass vials, glass vials with cork, plastic jars, seed containers, amber bottles, cork stoppers, plastic containers, droppers.

  Vortech Systems
Ft Lauderdale, Florida, USA -- Vortech now offers the Kwazar Pro + Trigger, Compression and backpack sprayers exclusively in the United States...

  Garden Bird Feeders
Elyria, OH, USA -- Pet beds of the finest quality such as cat-n-round bed, dog lounger, orthopedic kitty, air nest bed and many more available with excellent price range.

  Canopies and Tarps - Portable Greenhouse Kits
Los Angeles, CA, USA -- Quality greenhouse kits, outdoor garden structures and canopies for both commercial and residential use that offer all weather protection year after year.

  Bio S.I. Technology, L.L.C. - Organic Products
Justin, TX, USA -- Bio-S.I. Technology, LLC., was formed in 1996 and has a team of experts who have over 20 years of experience producing microbial products...

  Eden Brothers - Flower Bulbs, Seeds, Fruit Trees and Plants
NY, USA -- Eden Brothers Seed Company® is one of the largest online suppliers of bulk flower and herb seed to both the wholesale and retail seed markets in the United States...

  Atomic Grow - For vegetable crops, gardens or garden centers
W. Melbourne, Florida, USA -- Increasing crop yields and enhancing your gardening efforts. We have high yield growth enhancers for your nursery or commercial farm. Agriculture products...

  Hydro Terra Hydroponics
Hollywood, FL, USA -- Hydro Terra corp is offering a vast selection of indoor gardening, Hydroponic supplies, Grow lights, Nutrients, Organic nutrients including hydroponic systems...

  SKS Bottle & Packaging
Watervliet, NY, USA -- Whether you need containers for your home garden or for a new line of gardening products, SKS has a wide selection of jars, pails, bottles and tins to suit your needs!

  Earth Friendly Organic Fertilizer
Archer, FL, USA -- Online retailer and distributor of Pure Black Castings (99.9% Pure Worm Castings) and VermaPlex (liquid microbial Soil Inoculant made from these castings). Certified organic, OMRI listed. Use/applications guides on our website for these all natural organic fertilizers.

  Ornamental Tree Nurseries
United Kingdom -- A family run retail and wholesale nursery nestling in the lush, green, Herefordshire countryside, 3 miles north-west of Leominster. With the vast majority of the 450 varieties of trees and shrubs we offer being grown on our 30 acre site our range of varieties and sizes is rarely seen elsewhere and at a quality and price that are hard to match!

  Houston Landscaping
Austin, TX, USA -- Get a free quote for Houston Landscaping work.We guarantee quality and service at competitive prices from Fresh Start Landscapes.

  Environmental Rehabilitation
Elansfontein, South Africa -- Hydromulch was founded forty years ago when reclamation contracting was in its infancy. It has pioneered the landscape, hydroseeding and erosion control industry in Africa.

  ShrubSource Flowering Shrubs
Ramsey, MN, USA -- Purchase beautiful flowering shrubs and have them delivered right to your door!

  Christmas Farms
Kalamazoo, MI, USA -- Christmas Farms provides the freshest live Christmas trees, Christmas wreaths, and Christmas Garland directly to your doorstep just in time for the Holidays.

  Hydroponics and Indoor Gardening Supplies
McIntosh, FL, USA -- Hydroponics supply store specializing in indoor gardening supplies. Discount hydroponics systems, LED grow lights, metal halide and HPS grow lights.

  Transpan Bridges- Turnkey Bridge Solutions
Boulder, CO, USA -- Transpan Bridges has over 20 years experience in designing and prefabricating short-span bridge solutions. Our bridges fit seamlessly into developing neighborhoods, county roads, recreational trails for municipalities, parks, golf courses and for the use of private landowners.

  Hydrolab Hydroponics Shop UK
Solihull, Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom -- Hydrolab Hydroponics offer a range of hydroponics equipment including grow tents, HPS grow lights, RVK / HVK ventilation fans, carbon air filters, propagators, nutrients, grow lighting accessories, grow room tools, light ballasts, hydroponics systems and much more.

  Pressure Treated Wood Stain
New York, New York, USA -- We offer professional fence cleaning, staining, repair and replacement services for pressure treated wood.

  Tullens Fruit Farm
Bishops Stortford, Herts, UK -- Tullens fruit farm offers finest quality, fresh and delicious flavors apples, apple juice, apples and pears ,orange, fresh vegetables, organic lamb, popular varieties recipes of apple. Perfect food shop for fruit lover of British apples in West Sussex, UK.

  Krescent Kreations
Watervliet, NY, USA -- Krescent Kreations offers a wide variety of handmade hemp and macrame plant hangers which could be the perfect accent for any porch, patio or living room. These handmade plant hangers are available in a wide range of colors and sizes and include metal rings for hanging.

  Fareast Flowers
Bangkok, Thailand -- We are suppliers and exporters of live plants including Horticultural, Ornamental Plants, Indoor Plants, Outdoor Plants, Medicinal Plants, Road side Tall Trees, Fruit Plants etc. from Thailand.

  Under Cover Solutions: Your #1 shade source
Huntington Beach, CA, USA -- Under Cover Solutions is dedicated to delivering superior shading solutions to a wide array of consumers. We provide state of the art shading to individuals, which is typically only available to large-scale agricultural farmers. In doing so, our products have expanded the use of these shading products to meet the everyday needs of our customers.

  BC Northern Lights
Surrey, BC, Canada -- BC Northern Lights manufactures custom built hydroponics machines, designed by growers for growers. We also design and manufacture all types of hydroponic and lighting supplies.

  Coco Gold
Calicut, Kerala, India -- We are leading manufacturers of cocopeat products which is widely being used as a soil conditioner based in India. We can supply quality products at competitive rates.

  Plasponics Inc.
Leamington, Ontario, Canada -- Plasponics is by far the most popular and widely accepted product line used by professional growers across North America. Engineered to be the fastest!

  The Worm Farm Guide
Brandon, USA -- Learn about Worm Farming, also called vermicomposting, which is a great way to use what are normally waste materials to create a great, non-smelly, humus-like fertilizer and soil amendment.

Culver City, USA -- Hydroponic Gardening supplies and systems Online Superstore features a great selection of hydroponics products, grow lights and equipment, indoor plant lighting, environmental controllers, Nutrients, organic fertilizers and Hydroponics kits

Adelaide, South Australia, Australia -- Manufacture and distributor of electronic ballast for HID lighting systems. First manufacture of the 400w and 1000w EB world wide! Many other products on hand for the total package for the wholesaler or retailer.

  Gourmet Gardens Outdoor Hydroponics
Stockbridge, Michigan, USA -- Since 1987, Gourmet Gardens has been a top quality provider of cutting-edge hydroponic systems and concentrated plant nutrients.

San José, Costa Rica -- Top screen organic compost made from the by products of the coffee industry in Costa Rica, Central America. Special product for home and gardening.

  Homegrown Hydroponics
USA -- Homegrown Hydroponics is the industry leader in stealth growing cabinets, and complete turkey hydroponic indoor growing systems.

  Grotec Hydroponics
Manchester, , UK -- Hydroponics, Hydroponic Systems, Manchester, Rochdale, UK, NFT, Flood and Drain, Aeroponics, Canna, Ionic, House and Garden, Nutrients, Lights, Maxigrow, Grotec Hydroponics, Bonsai Trees

Dyersville, Iowa, USA -- FarmTek offers greenhouses and accessories, garden supplies, poly buildings, portable garages, barn curtain, livestock and poultry housing, heating and cooling products, electrical and plumbing supplies, building materials, agricultural supplies, and more to help you manage your farm, nursery, business or home.

  Densu Ventures Coco Peat Coir
Plantation, Florida, USA -- Densu's Coir - is specifically produced for the horticulture industry. It is not produced as a byproduct of the fiber industry like traditionally available coir. Instead fiber is a byproduct of our proprietary coir producing operation. Our coir products have several features that are of prime importance to the horticultural industry. Densu-Coir products absorb more water and at a faster rate than regular coir. Our products have better yield rates than other coir products on the market.

  Rishi Packers Ltd.
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India -- We are largest manufacturer of Shade Netting in the country & the same is being regularly exported to U.A.E., Kuwait, Oman, UK etc. Our Shade nets are of high density polyethylene material treated with best known UV stabilizer against UV radiation in accordance with latest scientific knowledge which ensures long life of the product.

  Country Casual
Gaithersburg, MD, USA -- Over 25 years of quality and design experience of teak outdoor and garden furnishings including planters, leisure seating and benches. Complete collections and pieces that suitable for homes or site installations. Furnishings are of the highest quality and built only of the finest sustainable teak.

  Frost Proof
Wallingford, USA -- Buy lawn and garden supplies at Frost Proof Growers. We offer thousands of products; greenhouses, gazebos, hand tools, safety products, agriculture equipment and more for gardening and agriculture.

  Better Grow Hydro
Los Angeles, CA, USA -- Hydroponics, indoor gardening and hydroponics supplies. 1,700 unique hydroponics supplies for professional hydroponics gardener or indoor gardening hobbyist.

Granada Hills, USA -- Online hydroponics store for Sun Systems, Hydrofarm, Hydroponics, Hydroponics nutrients, Grodan Rockwool growing mediums, Germination Station, Agrosun, Grow lights, General Hydroponics, Grotek, Hortilux, Rockwool, organic hydroponics nutrients, Green Air, HID Lamps, Halide and sodium grow lights

Johnson, NY, USA -- The Wildbird-Shop offers a wide variety of quality birdhouses, bird feeders, birdbaths, bird seed, and bird accessories for wild birds. All priced below retail.