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  •   Acadian Seaplants Limited
    Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
    World Leader in Marine Plant Products for Plants, People and Animals. Provider of Fertilizers, Biostimulants and Animal feed Supplements made from Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed or Seaweed extract.


  •   Senova crop development company
    Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, UK -- Independent seed marketing company developing and selling oats, wheat, barley, oilseed rape, triticale, peas and beans.
  •   La Garenne for the Equine Market
    Langonnet, Morbihan, France -- La Garenne is a family owned business run by Joe and Lesley Denham. We specialize in the supply of high quality haylage, hay and bedding for the equestrian market. All of our products are grown at La Garenne in Langonnet, Brittany.
  •   Greenfield Hydroponics Systems Inc.
    Weston, ON, Canada -- Manufacturers of U.S. & Canadian patented Solar, 110 / 220 volt powered portable greenhouse to grow fodder, broccoli sprouts, bean sprouts (commercial production and emergency food/crop supply), herbs, medicinal plants, leafy vegetables, mushrooms, seedlings for commercial crops and reforestation, Turnkey projects, Combating starvation and deforestation worldwide.
  •   Mosdal Scale Systems - Custom Equipment Since 1976
    Broadview, MT, USA -- Scale carts, auger carts, feed carts, single-animal scales, livestock scales, feed scales, bulk-feeding systems, etc. for cattle, sheep, swine, goats, poultry, or any other animal.
  •   Texas Metal Buildings
    Aransas Pass, TX, USA -- Texas Metal Buildings for Turn-key Welded Metal Buildings, Barns, Sheds, Shops and Clearspan Riding Arenas, designed, delivered and erected on your level building site anywhere in Texas.
  •   Lynx Products Corp.
    Bradenton, FL, USA -- Lynx Products Corp. is a manufacturer/distributor of conveyor components for the bulk and package handling industries.
  •   Ministerial EXPO on Agricultural Science and Technology
    The Ministerial EXPO on Agricultural Science and Technology will be held concurrently with the Ministerial Conference on Agricultural Science and Technology in Sacramento, California, June 23-25. Companies with products and technologies in the listed categories are invited to display, present, and demonstrate these items to Ministers of Agriculture, Health, Science & Technology, & Trade from around the world.
  •    Oxy-Gen Products for Champion Animals
    Morrice, MI, USA -- Oxy-Gen products are a complete line of high performance, natural and drug-free feed supplements for breeding, show, and competitive animals, including horses, cattle, swine, lambs, and goats
  •   #1 Probiotic - FASTRACK
    Belleville, IL, USA -- Reduce digestive disorders, lower feed costs and promote better overall health with Fastrack probiotics. The unique combinations of lactic acid-producing bacteria, specialized proteins and vitamins in Fastrack helps to ensure a healthy digestive tract. Moore Agri-Sales offers quality Fastrack probiotics, Inhibodor barn ammonia control and other top-notch farm/ranch products.
  •   Y-Not OnSite Storage
    Atlanta, GA, USA -- STORAGE/Steel/Container/Shed/Outbuilding for secure, ground level storage or modified as a livestock shelter or seed, grain, fertilizer, equipment shed.  Transportable, low cost, better alternative to construction.
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