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Daisy Mae Ranch - Boer Goats

: Livestock - Goat Breeders
Location: Beggs, OK, USA
Date added: 9:30:38 2008-3-1

Description: Malcolm is an attorney having been engaged in the private practice of law for over 40 years, ten of which he has served as a Judge. After taking semi-retirement we moved to the small Community of Nuyaka fifty miles south of Tulsa on the Daisy Mae Ranch to raise livestock. We started mainly with nubians, pygmies, etc and in 1996 we were introduced to Boer Goats and realized what we wanted to raise. We started with percentages and full bloods and realized that in order to stay competitive we had to make some changes so we sold out completely with the exception of a few select does. After a few months we had accumulated several does from breeders to use as our foundation breeding.

In 2006 we purchased Ennobled Renoir's Codi, full South African Codi/PCI stud and several Codi/PCI brood does to enhance our breeding program. It is our plan to reintroduce Codi/PCI genetics back into our foundation herd breeding as close to the original boers as possible. We have quality goats for sale year round.

Contact person: Malcolm Branch
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