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  • Azrom Greenhouses
    AZROM is Israel's leader in the design, engineering and production of greenhouses for all crop requirements and climatic conditions, with satisfied customers in Israel and in more than 40 countries worldwide. AZROM specializes in Turn-key Projects including feasibility studies, choice of structure, area location, and supply and installation of infrastructure and greenhouse equipment.  AZROM is the major supplier of greenhouses in Israel, with worldwide annual sales of more than 300 hectares of greenhouses. Farmers and growers throughout the world know that AZROM Greenhouses, backed by our extensive support and service, provide the optimal conditions for increased quality yields and profitability.


  •   Huma Gro® Agricultural Fertilizers - Liquid Fertilizers
    Mesa, AZ, USA -- Huma Gro® offers a full line of humate-rich liquid fertilizers and other agricultural products that has consistently...

  •   Dynagra - Farm Business Services
    Beiseker, Alberta, Canada -- DynAgra, an independent Western Canada-based Company, is dedicated to providing growers with the tools...

  •   M-Tech Systems Website
    Atlanta, GA, USA -- M-Tech Systems USA , the world leader in software for supply chain management and production / costing contro...

  •   Farmworks Software
    Cordoba, Argentina -- Precision Farming Software and Hardware, Precision Agriculture. Integrated IT solutions for Agribusiness. Yield Maps, Soil Maps management. Variable Rate Applications. Crop Scouting. Guidance Systems for Precision Farming.

  •   Biological Farmers of Australia
    Chermside, QLD, Australia -- The peak organisation for the organic industry and movement in Australia. They assist in matters of education, trade, promotion and advocacy. BFA aims for a diverse and flourishing organic industry which profitably and sustainably meets the needs of consumers demanding certified organic foods and fibres.

  •   Formulator 4.5
    Amboy, MN, USA -- Ration formulating program for all species of livestock including a feedtag generator. Unlimited nutrients and ingredients. For nutritionists, consultants, livestock producers or feed mill.

  • AgroMind
    AgroMind’s FarmSys program is a revolutionary concept, aimed at meeting the changing needs of today’s discerning consumer. The system features automatic data collection from a variety of sensors, cameras and other input devices, following the growing process, from seeding and planting, through to the packaging plant, ensuring precise documentation as well as guidance and support during production.


  •   iAgri Ltd
    Leeston, Canterbury, New Zealand -- i.Agri Ltd develops and markets the 'Landmark Software for the Land and Small Business' range of software which is written specifically for farm and business accounting operations in all countries around the world. Our book keeping management software offers unique tools for financial planning, budgeting, invoicing and reporting.

  •   Advanced Pest Control
    Buffalo, NY, USA -- Houston Texas pest control and rodent control service.

  •   Agricultural Data Systems
    Laguna Niguel, CA, USA -- Automate your data. Over 800 growers use DataTrack™ to track labor & production in their fields and packinghouses; cutting payroll processing 80% and improving productivity. No more manual punch cards or crew sheets. We also offer customized solutions for tracking inventory, field tickets and packing line tallies. Available in English, Spanish, German.

  • Affordable Ranch Management Software
    Aurora, CO, USA -- Easy to use ranch management software. Unlimited herd size, detailed animal records, id tracking, gestation history, pedigree editor and more.

  •   DanishKnowHow®
    Birkerød, Denmark -- Danishknowhow® helps people to see Danish agriculture with their own eyes - by organizing group visits to Denmark. danishknowhow® works closely together with an agricultural academies, farmers and companies.

  •   SWEP Analytical Laboratories
    Melbourne, Victoria, Australia -- SWEP provides agricultural Soil, Plant and Water testing with interpretation using the Mikhail system for sustainable balanced soil management.

  •   Maine-Anjou/Chiangus cattle & Fence and Barn Const. company
    Pulaski, TN, USA -- We are a family owned and operated business. We have been building for over 20 years. We custom build barns to fit your needs and we also build any fence you desire. Our business is ran off our cattle farm in TN. We raise Maine-anjou/Chiangus cattle, for show or for the meat locker.

  •   The Dairyman's LINK
    Bliss, NY, USA -- Agricultural consulting services and custom ag software creation

  •   The Rodenator - Easy Pest Elimination
    Vancouver, USA -- With the Rodenator it's easy to get rid of squirrels, gophers, prairie dogs, moles and other burrowing rodents. The Rodenator Pro is safe, quick, easy to use, and the results are proven.

  •   Trust Financial a Mortgage Company
    TX, USA -- Texas ranch and farm homes real estate mortgages. Agricultural mortgage lenders information for land loans in Texas. TX real estate loans for farm homes, ranches, timber, and agribusiness land loans.

  •   Practical Farm Ideas
    Whitland, Carmarthen, Wales, UK -- We publish details of innovations created by farmers to save money, time and improve efficiency and safety. Published since 1992, Practical Farm Ideas has a data-base of many thousands of innovations which help farmers throughout the UK

  •   Farm Biz Software - for Farmers & Ranchers
    Parsons, KS, USA -- "Farm Biz" is a single entry cash system that balances the checkbook as you make your entries and again when it's time to reconcile to the bank statement. Since it’s made for agriculture, two quantities plus $ amount can be used on every entry.

  •   Canadian Beef Breeds Council
    Calgary, AB, Canada -- The CBBC is a non-profit association that represents the Canadian purebred cattle industry. Its members include national breed associations that in turn represent more that 10,000 producers of breeding stock, as well as exporters/service providers.

  •   Feedlot Solutions Ltd.
    Calgary, AB, Canada -- feedyard management software solutions for cattle feeding, animal health and chute side treatment feedlot management systems by Feedlot Solutions Ltd. (FLS)

  •   Farm & Office Consulting Services
    Itapeva, São Paulo, Brazil -- Agricultural, cattle and forestry consultancy for investors interested in South America. International agricultural consultancy. Farm management. Agriculture, Forestry and Cattle Projects. Market studies.


  • Analysing Agriculture
    Analysing Agriculture provides independent analyses of major world agricultural commodity trends and provides ongoing commentary for key decision makers on the changing structure of world agriculture markets.


  • Shagbark Ridge Llamas
    Breeding champion show quality llamas for many years. We offer sales, stud service, new owner info, training, and 4-H. Visitors always welcome.


  • Farmnews
    Providing news and information to farmers in New Zealand and around the world. Website also features a free classifieds, discussion forum, free links and jobs vacant and jobs wanted sections.
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