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Cicoria Srl

City: Palazzo San Gervasio
State: PZ
Country: Italy


Square Balers manufactured by Cicoria are the result of 80 years of experience with farm machinery. The specialization in the engineering and production of Square Balers is the key strenght of Cicoria well recognized in several markets worldwide.

Pick-up Balers

Cicoria conventional pick-up balers are well appreciated in more than 40 Countries for their performance, reliability and easy maintenance. Please read more about Cicoria Pick-up Balers.

Big Baler

The Big Baler HD1270 is the result of Cicoria specialization and focus on the square balers technology. Thanks to the Leveraged Piston System (LPS) the Big Baler HD1270 can work at any hour of the day, any temperature and humidty with a 30ower saving. Please read more about Cicoria Big Square Balers.