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Garden Debut

City: Park Hill
State: OK
Country: USA


Garden DebutŪ represents a combined group of plant breeders and growers dedicated to the introduction and marketing of new and improved plant varieties for the landscape.

New plant introductions require years of research, development and testing. The plants are tested in various locations to evaluate for cold hardiness and heat tolerance, as well as other cultural conditions. A network of distinguished nurserymen and plant researchers contribute selections, evaluate performance and provide valuable cultural expertise for consideration given to the inclusion of each variety into the Garden DebutŪ program. This extensive testing and evaluation provides the outstanding quality required and ensures the customer's landscape plant material needs are not only met, but are exceeded. brings information to the consumer and industry about the Garden DebutŪ plants already in the market. Plants tentatively scheduled for future release will also be present. This is an exciting time in history for the nursery business; with genetics, tissue culture and other new propagation advances, there are many new and exciting cultivars being developed. These plants offer longer blooming seasons, brighter and richer colors, better cold hardiness, improved fall color or even plants requiring less maintenance. We are looking to the future to provide the market with Predictable Quality and superior plant introductions.

As you shop at your local garden center be sure to look for these new introductions grown in distinctive Garden DebutŪcontainers with the brightly detailed tags. This will be your assurance that this plant has been extensively tested and evaluated to perform in your landscape. If unavailable, ask your garden center about stocking these new and beautiful plants. We are certain that gardeners, nurserymen, landscape architects and designers will all find Garden DebutŪplants a wonderful addition to the growing list of plants for their landscape industry.

When Performance Counts™, ask for Garden DebutŪ plants!